Link 7 Jun When I see someone wearing socks with sandals:»

I wear that…?

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Photo 7 Jun LMFAOO took me 2 seconds

LMFAOO took me 2 seconds

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Photo 7 Jun omg that would be hot

omg that would be hot


Photo 7 Jun i got to do this in class o.O lmao

i got to do this in class o.O lmao

Video 6 Jun

This still makes me laugh

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Photo 6 Jun
Text 25 May That awkward moment when your chair makes a fart noise & no one believes it was the chair, so you try to do it again but you can’t make the sound.

Lmfao i be doing that and it doesnt make the noise

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Photo 24 May LMFAO


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Chat 18 May
  • 11 year olds today: omg i luhv smokin pot omfg i get drunk off lyke my moms wine coolers lol sometimes i take an extra vitamin in the morning so i can get that high lol! on tumblr i reblog sex because unfff me and my boyfriend fuck almost twice a day. im a bad bitch lol one time my mom yelled at me because she said i cant be bringin boys up to my room so i said FUCK YOU lol i do what i want yolo!!
  • me when I was 11: omg did I forget to feed my neopet this morning
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Audio 18 May

omg photogenic guys laugh???

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